The Bros

The idea for founding the Bader Bros. GbR came up a few years ago. During the training in our garagebox we often had some discussions. Why do we have to pay prices for chalk and other fitness stuff that bear no relation to the real value. Do I really have to decide between low prices and high quality? Wy do the prices of flooring increase by the double if you put the word "fitness" in front of it. The reasons for this are obvious. Not the real value of the product is responsible for the price. But rather the image of the company or product.
We are both doing many different sports for years now. So our intention is to deliver products which have a real value, are made under transparent conditions and are affordable. Because we are from Germany, we are producing everything in the European Union. That ensures short delivery distances and guarantees the best working conditions for the people that make our products.

Tobias Bader

+49 175 1586412

Basketball or Crossfit, Tobias never made a decision about it. Much different in his working life. After his graduation in a business training, a degree as a business administrator followed shortly after. The Bader Bros. are the next step in his CV. In 2015 he also successfully finished the CrossFit Level 1 course.

Florian Bader

Sport has always been a fixed part of his daily life. A hobby which is perfectly arrangeable with his job. Unfortunately this profession requires also a certain amount of anonymity.