Bader Bros Chalk

More grip, more power, more gains. Liquid Chalk or classic Chalk. We have the suitable product for your sport. Highest quality for a good price. Made in Europe.

Hold fast Weight Vest

Professional quality, high comfort and a compact design. These features make our hold fast weight vest the best choice for everyone who wants to take his training to the next level. It makes every workout harder and more effective.


The all-round training equipment. Wooden rings incl. straps for your functional training. No compromises on the materials. Made in Germany.

Training Tires

Large, heavy tires. These are mandatory for every good equipped gym or homegym. Different training stimuli and a special coolness-factor make our tires so popular. We supply tires in your desired weight und colour. Try to lift one of those badboys! Face the challenge!

Individual Training program

Whether you want to lose weight, look better on the beach or increase your maximum weight at bench pressing.


You finally want to be fit? Finally want to feel confident in your body and make people jealous? Get your individual training program from the Bader Bros. Professional guidance from experienced coaches. We will help you with every aspect of your training and nutrition on the way to your goals.


You are already training on a regular basis and want to reach the next level now? With our individually on your demands customized training programs you will reach your goals. Whether you want to deadlift 200kg or run a marathon. Our experienced coaches will guide you on your journey. Level up!


Challenging training is part of your daily routine like the morning coffee? You think you reached the peak? We don´t think so! We can always get some more performance out of every athlete. We will bring you to your limits with our customized training programs and coaching. That´s a promise.


Used retreaded exercise equipment at reasonable prices.